The Finest, Most Very affordable Do it yourself Acrylic Photograph Frames At any time


Floating acrylic photograph frames convey an artsy museum-like elegance to even the most ordinary spaces. At times referred to as plexiglass frames or frameless photo frames, these frames are my leading alternative for displaying exceptional artwork prints and even posters. And they&rsquore a wonderful substitute to conventional image gallery walls.

Their hardly-there glance is ethereal and crisp and extremely large touch. The greatest portion is that acrylic photograph frames will operate with any sort of decor from classic to vintage, to my own most loved – global bohemian stylish.

But have you ever checked the value of acrylic picture frames??? That wonderful floating body in the impression beneath will set you back a good $one hundred twenty bucks. For. A person. Frame. Yikes! Yep, just after seeing equivalent charges in other places, I understood specifically what I wanted to do. I desired to dig deep to develop a lower-value, higher-end on the lookout, Diy floating acrylic body. The acrylic frame tutorial you are about to read through is handy for any individual seeking for easy, inexpensive approaches to upgrade the appear of their art assortment at house.

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What You&rsquoll Want


  • &nbspStandoffs&nbspto mount your frames

  • &nbspAcrylic sheets – One established of two for every single body (hold looking through for strategies on where to uncover them)

  • &nbspA substantial steel&nbsptent stake&nbspor nail (Idea: I located a person at Ace Hardware for $1.50)

  • &nbsp4&nbspspring clamps&nbspto maintain the acrylic in spot whilst you work on it

  • &nbspA drill for mounting the wall hardware

    Where by to Acquire Acrylic Sheets to Make the Floating Frames



    To my shock, I discovered a amount of areas where by I could invest in acrylic sheets and even acrylic frame kits. For occasion,&nbspI located these&nbspready-built acrylic frame kits&nbspon Etsy. Sadly for me, the greatest size available was eleven x fourteen.&nbspMy artwork&nbspmeasured 11 x seventeen. Considering the fact that I desired a three&rdquo acrylic border all all around the artwork, I wanted my frames to measure 14 x 20. This would aid me generate the illusion of substantial parts of floating art.


    Then I uncovered that&nbspHome Depot&nbspsold large acrylic sheets much too.&nbspBut $116 was a lot more than I wanted to devote. Moreover, I could hardly ever get a distinct reply on irrespective of whether or not Household Depot would lower the acrylic sheet into to the measurements I essential.&nbspEventually, I settled on&nbspAce Components,&nbspwhere I procured 4 eighteen&rdquox 24&rdquo&nbspacrylic sheets for $11.ninety nine each. Every sheet is about the similar thickness as a quarter inch piece of glass. Ace Components then minimize the acrylic – no cost of charge – into 2 sets of frames measuring 14×20.&nbspEt voila!&nbspComplete charge with tax was just $fifty one.56.


    Are the frames you want significantly smaller sized?&nbspIf so, the deal receives even sweeter. Just ask the Ace Hardware glass cutter if he has any remaining in excess of acrylic from prior cuts that match your size. Ace Components will offer them to you for a portion of the original expense. I did that when recreating this tutorial and only used a mere $one.50 for four nine x 11 sheets.&nbspAce is definitely the place ya&rsquoll!

    I know having said that that some genuinely affordable…ahem…frugal folks will say &quotBut Ola, I uncovered acrylic sheets even more affordable at Interest Lobby!&quot. Let the buyer beware though. Those people are tremendous skinny, craft grade acrylic sheets and will never keep up more than time.


    Now for the standoffs. Just after ordering a established that was also little to make an effects, I settled on these reasonably priced&nbspsilver one/2&rdquo x four/five&rdquo wall mount standoff bolts. They occur twenty to a pack.

    How to &ldquoDrill&rdquo the Holes for the Acrylic Picture Body

    Drilling the holes to make your acrylic photograph frames may well seem like a no-brainer to you, but it can get quite challenging. In fact, not realizing additional about this critical move pressured me to have to acquire more acrylic due to the fact I ruined the initial set. Instantly the budget for my oh-so-affordable Diy acrylic frames increased by 50 per cent. Ouch! Keep away from mistakes by having to pay near consideration to these guidance.

    You see, when drilling the holes for your standoffs you should drill pretty, extremely gradually, or the acrylic will crack. I&rsquom likely to clearly show you how to prevent that situation completely. Alternatively of drilling the gap (like I did at first), do the following:

  • DO NOT take out the protecting plastic from the frame

  • Mark the spots of your four holes on the 1st piece of acrylic. Use your very first piece as a template for the relaxation of the parts to make positive the holes are all line up.

  • Warmth the large metallic stake or nail above a fire

  • This is A lot, a lot less complicated than drilling the hole. Use a pair of vice grips to maintain the steel stake in area, and to avoid burning yourself.

  • Pierce the site for the gap

  • Permit the melted edges of the plastic to interesting. These should really then snap appropriate developing a clean up gap for your standoff.

    This is A lot, a great deal simpler than drilling the hole. Use a pair of vice grips to keep the metal stake in location, and to avoid burning by yourself.

    How to Install Your Snazzy New Floating Wall Frames

    Here is the least difficult way to put in your new frames:

  • Place a person piece of completely ready-to-hold acrylic sheet right on to the wall where it will be hung

  • With your other hand, use a degree to make positive the acrylic body is straight

  • Your standoffs will generally come with anchors. I strongly advise working with them. You don&rsquot want to wake up in the center of the evening to find these fantastic thangs cracked and shattered on the ground do you? I didn&rsquot believe you did. So be look here to use the anchors.

    Apprehensive about placing also lots of holes in the wall? Just fasten the two best standoffs to the wall. Then attach the standoffs to the base holes of the frame, but DO NOT fasten them to the wall. No a single will be the wiser. I observed this done at a lodge after and it blew me absent.

    &mdash Ola

    Congratulations! You&rsquove now designed THE best, most cost-effective Do it yourself acrylic frames at any time. Now all you have to do is sit back and love your freshly made chef d&rsquooeuvre (masterpiece).

  • Use a pen/pencil to mark the place of the holes straight on to the wall

  • Drill hole and insert anchor

  • Sandwich your print or image amongst 2 parts of acrylic and thread the standoff as a result of the holes to mount

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